What is Contact Gain?

Greenconnect WhatsApp Groups are dedicated to 2 things

  1. Helping you build your WhatsApp Audience so more eyes see what you have to offer.
  2. Effective WhatsApp Marketing , helping you turn your followers into clients

As a verified member, you get these benefits first hand, with time as you follow group updates.

Greenconnect WhatsApp Community is divided into 2

1. Contact Gain Deluxe

Contact Gain Deluxe community is mainly for adding new contacts as contact Files is shared there on a regular basis. There will be lots of sub-groups according to location and fields coming up soon

2. WhatsApp Sales Tools

For Business Owners

This is a WhatsApp Marketing and Sales group where you get professional marketing support for your business.

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Contact Gain

Contact Gain Deluxe

(Reimagined) Grow your status viewers

3P Contact Gain

People Promoting People Contact Gain Method

Custom Contact Gain

Limit your audience gain to specific location(s) & interest(s)


Contact Gain - Automated Version. Monthly Subscription

Sales Tools

Lead XLR8

WhatsApp Sales Funnel Builder


Generate marketing lines, ads and social media posts effortlessly


Advertise Your Business

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