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Greenconnect is making WhatsApp a more productive and connected place with innovative applets.

Majority of people use WhatsApp, and it has proven to be an easy and reliable way to communicate online. Today, many businesses use WhatsApp to advertise, close deals, and communicate with clients.

But annoyingly

You cannot be discovered by new people on WhatsApp since it limits us to our contacts.

Greenconnect brings new audiences and viewers to you! In this platform, you can gain contacts, advertise your business, and do alot more.



Contact Gain Deluxe : A reimagined way to boost your viewers
ContentDrive : All you need, for writing better adverts, fantastic flyers, social media posts and content-marketing
Advert Placement : Reach the right people on WhatsApp.
Free Consultation: We have answers and guides to help you every step of the way.


Maximize Your WhatsApp for Business



Maximize your WhatsApp for Business

We are making the whole process of gaining new contacts and leads easier, giving you more boss control, and more targeted audience, unlike the regular! You will be able to achieve 3 major things here and more,



Connect with new people within WhatsApp


The very essence and beauty of WhatsApp Marketing and Productivity in your hands

Boost Views

Status views are the hallmark of quality engagement


You Save Money on Adverts

With a higher number of contacts added to your list everyday your posts can easily reach more status viewers without you paying anything.


You win new clients faster

ContentDrive makes your advertisements more appealing to potential customers by giving you the right words, graphics & videos.

You have control

Asides ability to filter your Contacts to specific locations and interests, you can filter out adult (18+) content, and participate in Community flush done every month. This keeps things regulated for you.


whatsapp group

You get quick facts about contacts to improve your communication with them

With our unique and organized naming structure, you can tell your contact’s location, gender and what they are into.


Put your mark

Put your WhatsApp Marketing on Autopilot with LeadXLR8



WhatsApp Marketing and Contact Gain combined at their best. Lead XLR8 attracts, follows up, and converts traffic on autopilot


Gallery and Testimonials



See what we are doing on WhatsApp

Get Top WhatsApp Marketing Secrets by Mail


A web platform and a sales tool that helps you connect with new people on WhatsApp. 

Connect - Sell - Promote - Gain Relevant Contacts

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Contact Gain

Contact Gain Deluxe

(Reimagined) Grow your status viewers

3P Contact Gain

People Promoting People Contact Gain Method

Custom Contact Gain

Limit your audience gain to specific location(s) & interest(s)


Contact Gain - Automated Version. Monthly Subscription

Sales Tools

Lead XLR8

WhatsApp Sales Funnel Builder


Generate marketing lines, ads and social media posts effortlessly


Advertise Your Business

Boost Plans

Rates and what you should expect

Buy PCreds


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