The Story of Greenconnect

The Story of Greenconnect (written 2nd October 2022)

People join contact gain groups for many reasons, either for social reasons or for business purposes, with that in mind, Schwiz WhatsApp Connect was launched on 21st December 2021 with the aim of helping people gain contacts and make more sales.

As usual, we did things differently. 😎

The group was left open so people could drop their details and a A.I bot picks them and add them to the vcf

Because it was not mandatory for anyone to share the link as at then, there was little publicity and it was a slow process😣. However, because it was automated, the admins didn’t have to do much, apart from devising of ways to expand and make the process easier and faster, and of course with #TheDigitalAdvantage 💪🏼

By 21st of January 2022, the first vcf of 200+ contacts was completed and uploaded.

Then some changes were made to speed things up, and we restarted the whole process, Created some other strategies to people sell more on WhatsApp, and Schwiz WhatsAppConnect became WA SALES TOOLS🥰

We had a very unique way of naming our contact to help people keep track of the contacts they got through us. We used the format “Z/NAME in naming our contacts, to keep them separated from regular contacts. 😎

By February of 2022, we had about three groups that were packed out. G1 to G3 SALES TOOLS ⚡We started writing articles on how to maximise views and market effectively on WhatsApp. We were also helping individuals and affiliate marketers load their groups at a fee.

Then we introduced “Lead XLR8” “pronounced as” Lead Accelerate” a lead-gaining strategy for individuals and businesses to gain contact based on people who have an interest in their offer.😍

One day, a colleague suggested to Schwiz Josh to implement some referral contest in a group, as in give out links to the members of our contact gain group and reward them according to the number of people they refer, the idea was wonderful 😅but there was no way we could monitor the referrals, so it seemed impossible.😞

However, what would have seemed impossible became a possibility in a space of 3 months of endless innovation, and we were able to automatically track the invite links of the group members, and also track the number of referrals to our group and our clients’ groups. And the link is just a regular WhatsApp link.!

We could now help product vendors run affiliate systems within WhatsApp. 🤠

With time, we launched a website dedicated to WhatsApp marketing and contact gaining and we called it “GREEN CONNECT”
Now all you have to do is fill out a form for the network or niche that you want to join and you will be added automatically.

Though alot of work 😣 Our website made things very much easier and automatic.

We also went to create other strategies like co-influencers’ network and ContentDrive. All these to help our members sell more. 🥰

And on the 7th of October 2022, we will be launching Green Connect 2.0🤩

Greenconnect 2.0 will show you that all you have seen is the tip of the iceberg 😃and will enable you to take WhatsApp marketing and networking into your own hands and move your business to the next level

Join a network of over 2000 WhatsApp users waiting for this update. Save the date!🥳

Penned by Melanin Black
Revised by Schwiz Josh

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