PRIZES – Round 17 Referral Contest

 *Prizes ~ Round 18 – ONGOING*

 _Its our custom to appreciate those that go the extra mile with invites_

磊 12K MTN Airtime & Data Bonus +  1 Month VIP Subscription + 10 P-credits + 1000 Py words
賂 500MB for 3 Days + 1000 Py words +10 P-credits
雷 500MB for 2days + 500 Py words

 1GB goes to 1 other random person on the list with 7 invites and above

1 VIP Subscription goes to another random person with 7 invites and above.

*Round 18 Referral Contest ends on 26th* @ 9PM  or when we hit 3600 connections

 *Terms and Conditions*

Fake invites ( where strangely few are active) will lead to disqualification

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Thank god ooo

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