Do This and You Go Smile Through 2024


Oya gather round, Deluxians! We gats yarn about sometin whey go make sense die for una business as we dey waka go enta 2024 You sabi say wise pipo dey take dis end of year do beta ogbonge things, so the good tins go dey flow come dem side like river for the whole new year wey dey come so. No sleep on this one wey i was discuss o!

We dey halla about laying better kabashing foundation for 2024 with marketing setups – Abeg no make confuse face when you hear ‘setup’, we just dey yan about systems whey go make your market sell like pure water for Ojuelegba. And no fear, na simpuru langa langa we go use break am down.

Make I show una the koko bundle wey Greenconnect don package come give you:

  1. Website: N45000
  2. Automated follow up system: N39000
  3. Facebook Ads wey go start you off: N10000

Now, the sweet tori be say all join, e go reach you for just N66000! No be say we go come add jara later. And you get till December 21st to katapot yourself enta dis level. O boy, e be like say Christmas don come early for una side o!

Abeg, make una hear word – dis one na investment wey go make sure say your 2024 go dey loaded with customers. You go dey see the kpa kpa kpa benefits as e dey roll in every day, every month!

Some pipo go dey tell you say make una dey save money to go flex for end of year. But we, we dey yan say, before you go dey do shakara for beach, make sure say you don sow the seeds wey go germinate bring out the kinda harvest whey go make you dey shine teeth throughout the new year.

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And omo, if you be one of those wey dey think say website no need for your marketing – abeg shift! That kain thinking na old school. Website na like your own shop for internet, e dey essenshu well well to carry your bizness go meet those correct customers.

Lastly, no go let web designer do you wayo o. Na digital marketer like us for Greenconnect you suppose find. Because, we no just dey build website for beauty; we dey create am to convert visitors to loyal customers, we dey link everyting up together like suya pieces so e go work make sense!

So, make una no dull, gbe bodi, and grab this end-of-year bundle. Make we help una kill am for 2024! With Greenconnect, na to dey smile to the bank be the koko. Our number still dey kampe: 08086512223. Holla we, make we start the journey together. #ConnectToConquer2024 πŸš€πŸŒ±

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