Make Money Connecting WhatsApp Users

Give people access to audience, and leads, and smile to te bank while at it.

A New Business Sensation is here.

Are you tired of not making the most of your WhatsApp Audience? Want to turn your connections into cash? Look no further!

With Greenconnect Connector Program, you can earn money by connecting people and giving them access to new contacts on the world’s most popular messaging app.


How it Works

Tier-2 is The Matrix Program. Enrolment costs N2000. After payment you become eligible to be part of a cash flow Matrix. All you have to do is keep sharing your unique form link, and our algorithms will take care of the rest.


Compensation Plan

This table shows the matrix and earnings at each level. 


Highlights : 

  • Once you are on board, the minimum requirement of you is to just share the Contact Gain form, which is free. Greenconnect will sensitize your referrals on Tier-2 verification.
  • You  can opt for manual upgrade, so you can decide to cycle out on any level
  • Cycling out before Level 5 incures a levy of 50%. For instance, if you cycle out at Gold, You get N144,000. you only get full commissions if you cycle out at Platinum. 40% of this levy goes to Greenconnect & 10% goes to your upline as bonuses.
  • There will be Bonuses at the end of Each cycle.

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