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More Contacts is more Business.

Greenconnect's added advantage :

1. Eliminate Reaching Out To New People 

They already have your number saved. So no need messaging them to save your contact

2. You Save Money On Adverts!


3 You Get Your Contacts As A VCF File

Make it easier to bulk-save new contacts on WhatsApp.

4. Ease of Access, Powerful Growth Services + Free Community Membership

We offer services and automated solutions that help you become the business that always gets clients. All features are accessible within the confines of WhatsApp, reducing the need to check or login into Greenconnect!

6. Referral Contests & Smart Affiliate Opportunities

We hardly not notice & reward our top promoters. Indulge in for our referral game and win cash & data. Its our way of appreciation. To sweeten it all, Greenconnects pays a commission when any of your invites pays for any of our services. Greenconnect has an AI powered MLM structure that offers compensations even to the 3rd level downlines.

7. Today’s Contact may be Tomorrow’s Client

You can add relevant potential clients from different fields or regions in a short time.

8. Boost Status Views

Your number of sales through WhatsApp correlates directly with the number of status views you have. Increase the latter and you will definitely increase the other. Plus, we don’t gave a bunch of contacts. We distribute little by little, daily, to ensure you get quality and not quantity.



A. Helpful Info about a Contact

Our advanced contact naming structure tells you what your new contact is into and also location and gender, This helps you personalize your communication to the interest of the contact, and help you win them.

B. Exclusive membership of our paid member community

Exclusive contact files & WhatsApp marketing tips, and offers are sent to our PAID user groups.

C. New Ways to Gain Viewers & Boost your Network

With the Hello Algorithm that recommends contacts based on what you’re looking for, The Birthday Connect and Greenconnect Mingle feature exclusive to only paid members, you’re promised of a lovely gain experience.


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