Compelling “About” write up(Short)

The business description is a component of your business plan that brings together the essential information about your organisation, including what it does and what sets it apart.


Depending on the complexity of the plan, it can range in length from a few words to several pages and gives interested parties an insight into the extent of your business idea. You can keep your business plan brief and in-depth if it’s quite straightforward.

In some circumstances, a longer business description may be required, but you should always work to present all important details as briefly as possible.


Although it is typically utilized when a business is initially starting out, as your business develops, it should be frequently updated. This data is utilized for a variety of purposes, but potential investors and lenders can use it to better understand your concept, the advantages it will offer your customers, and the positioning of your brand in the market.


The section of your business plan that provides the foundation and history of your firm is the company overview. It serves as the cornerstone upon which the rest of your company will be built.


You need the reader to be able to make an informed choice about your business if you want to attract investors or potential customers. Before they can accomplish that, they need to be aware of the business’s operations and who its clients are. 


Considering how many company plans they review every day, lenders in particular need a reason to keep reading. These questions are answered in the company overview, which will also provide you with a better understanding of your company and enable you to make more concrete decisions regarding things like your marketing strategy.


You can add the description to Facebook, WhatsApp, or any other platform you use for your company.

Anyone who views your profile or requests a description of your company’s mission can access it.

Depending on what you want, it may even contain information about you.





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