Gain New Status Viewers on Autopilot

Boost your WhatsApp Status viewers without having to add contacts or loading contact files manually, ever again.

Are you looking for an easy way to grow and manage your WhatsApp audience? Do you want access to detailed contact information for each contact?
Without an automated way to save new contacts, it’s tedious to download each VCF. You could miss out on potential customers due to lack of detailed contact information.
With Greenconnect AUTOGAIN, you can manage your WhatsApp audience with ease and get access to contact details like interests and location, so you can personalize communication with your contacts. AUTOGAIN will help you increase your status viewers and optimize your audience potential. Try it today!


1. Automated Contact Gain – Enhance audience growth through automated contact saving on WhatsApp.

2. Comprehensive Contact Details – Get detailed contact information, including location, interests, and gender, for personalized communication and audience targeting.

3. Proven WhatsApp Marketing Strategy – Deploy a proven WhatsApp marketing strategy to build your status viewers and enhance your business presence.

4. Pro Support Group – Get access to a PRO Support Group for timely assistance and guidance with WhatsApp Marketing.

Maximize Your WhatsApp for Business



Maximize your WhatsApp for Business

We are making the whole process of gaining new contacts and leads easier, giving you more boss control, and more targeted audience, unlike the regular! You will be able to achieve 3 major things here and more,



Connect with new people within WhatsApp


The very essence and beauty of WhatsApp Marketing and Productivity in your hands

Boost Views

Status views are the hallmark of quality engagement


Enhanced WhatsApp Marketing Potential

AUTOGAIN can transform your WhatsApp marketing strategy and unlock your business’s true potential.


AUTOGAIN saves you valuable time by automatically saving contacts.

whatsapp group

You get quick facts about contacts to improve your communication with them

With our unique and organized naming structure, you can tell your contact’s location, gender and what they are into.


Put your mark

AUTOGAIN Guarantee

We are committed to providing you with a high-quality service that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. However, in the unlikely event that you’re not satisfied with our service, we offer a service-level agreement that promises timely response and resolution to any issues you may experience with our AUTOGAIN solution.


A web platform and a sales tool that helps you connect with new people on WhatsApp. 

Connect - Sell - Promote - Gain Relevant Contacts

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(Reimagined) Grow your status viewers

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People Promoting People Contact Gain Method

Custom Contact Gain

Limit your audience gain to specific location(s) & interest(s)


Contact Gain - Automated Version. Monthly Subscription

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