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Contact Gain

Contact Gain Deluxe

(Reimagined) Grow your status viewers

3P Contact Gain

People Promoting People Contact Gain Method

Custom Contact Gain

Limit your audience gain to specific location(s) & interest(s)


Contact Gain - Automated Version. Monthly Subscription

Sales Tools

Lead XLR8

WhatsApp Sales Funnel Builder


Generate marketing lines, ads and social media posts effortlessly


Advertise Your Business


You must reside in Abuja and pay N500

If you don't meet the requirements, but still wish to be part of the network, there are alternatives in the form.

How it Works

1. Contacts are delivered to your DM, via Broadcast, in one file. And they’ve all saved your number.

2. You get contacts perpetually for life. Unsubscribe anytime

3. Not all networks are free to join

4. We have Anti-Spam , Anti-Mute and Anti-Fraud policies

5. If a criteria is required to join a network, you must meet them , unless, you pay an extra bypass fee

6. If we deliver a VCF, we guarantee that 80%+ meet the criteria for the network

Benefits of Gaining on Greenconnect

1. Eliminate Reaching Out To New People 

They already have your number saved. So no need messaging them to save your contact

2.  You Save Money On Adverts!


3. You Get Your Contacts As A VCF File

Make it easier to bulk-save new contacts on WhatsApp.

4. Discover Your Perfect Contacts 

You can add relevant potential buyers from different fields or regions in a short time.

5. Boost Status Views

Your number of sales through WhatsApp correlates directly with the number of status views you have. Increase the latter and you will definitely increase the other.

6. Powerful Sales Tools + Free Community Membership

Greenconnect has got over 7 sales tools and strategies that work specially for WhatsApp. As a member of your community, you get access to them.

7. Referral Game

Opt in for our referral game and win cash and free advert slots. Its our way of appreciation and also a way to help users raise funds to probably market even more.

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