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AFF : Affiliate Marketer
SNG : A Good Singer
BAK : Baker/Pastry Chef
BEA : Beauty & Skincare
BKW : Bookworm/Literature Lover
BUC : Building & Construction
BN : Business Magnate
CME : Comedian/Entertainer
CCR : Content Creator
COP : Copywriter
CML : Crazy Music Lover
DGM : Digital Marketer
ETR : Entrepreneur
EVD : Events & Decoration
AGR : Farming & Agriculture
MFH : Fashion Lover (Male)
WFH : Fashion Lover (Female)
FSH : Fashion Stylist
FIT : Fitness and Bodybuilding Enthusiast
FDE : Foodie
FX : Forex & Crypto/ Enthusiast
GRA : Graphics Designer
HW : Hair and Wigs Vendor
HEA : Health & Wellness
INF : Influencer
INS : Inspirer
ITD : Interior Designer
INV : Investor
MUS : Islam
LAW : Lawyer
LJ : Looking for a Job
GDG : Lover of Phones & Gadgets
MAR : Married
MED : Medical Practitioner
MIN : Ministers & Christian Materials
MP : Music Producer/Artiste
OLS : Online Shopper
PAS : Passionate Writer / Author
DEV : Programmer / Dev
PHD : PhD Candidate / Holder
POD : Poetry & Spoken Word Artist
RP : Rapper / Rap Lover
RST : Real Estate & Realtors
SCH : Scholar
SCI : Science Lover
SSG : Single & Searching
SBO : Small Business Owner
DAT : SME Data Vendor
STU : Student
TSA : Tech Savvy
VEN : Online Vendor
VOL : Volunteer
WTV : WhatsApp TV

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