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The Ultimate Addon for Business & Personal Growth. Make Money Daily and Make Potential Customers & WhatsApp Followers Daily! No complex tasks. Free Plan available. Fill out the form to get started.

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Feature 1 : Contact Gain

After filling the form, you get added to the group. Everyday, at least 5 to 20+ Contacts are shared and it contains the numbers of people who filled the form. That way, you can bulk-add contacts at once, leading to an increase in your WhatsApp followers. Free trial gives you gains for a day or 2, but paid plans offer gains for 30 days.

Feature 2 : Business Promotion

How this works, is, we receive what you wish to promote and its slotted in our system. Greenconnect delivers your ad via her WhatsApp TV & to people on WhatsApp who could be interested in it (Targeted advertising). This is a business support feature and runs for 30 days. 

Feature 3 : The Income Program

This positions you to get paid by Greenconnect,The only requirement is that you participate in the daily tasks given in the Cash Cake group. The task is simply to share your unique form link, thus connecting others like you were connected. We give support and help you tripple your efforts. Its easy to earn on a daily basis alongside making new contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Extremely Legit. Greenconnect has connected 20K+ users across Africa, paid 1000+ users and has been in service since May 2022. 

Certain factors determine the pay, for instance, if you don’t share links, you can only get paid from spillover. Moreso, the Contact Gain & Advert is valued at N11,000, which is more than enough value for what you are paying (N8000), and you enjoy more viewers and customers. The Cash Cake is our innovative way of creating a multiple reward package for you.

That being said, there’s there’s no range and no limit to what you can earn daily on Cash Cake. See what you earn, then double your efforts. Good luck!

Your status, permitted groups, TikTok, social media and anywhere it could be seen.

The fee you pay to join is a subscription fee and renewed monthly.


  1. Renewing your Contact Gain
  2. Renewing your business promotion
  3. Reinvesting into the Cash Cake System

The free (Cash Cake LITE) plan only gives you

  1. N1000 on direct referrals and N250 on indirect referrals

The PAID (Cash Cake PRO) subscription plan gives you 

  1. N2000 on direct referrals and N750 on indirect referrals
  2. Spillover (Payment from auto referral)
  3. Recurring payments (You’re paid again when your downline renews)


Deluxe v6.0

A WhatsApp Solutions Initiative.

Built to help users maximize the vast potential of WhatsApp for personal & business success.

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