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Designed for beginners and experienced online entrepreneurs alike, this program contains everything you need to succeed in the online business world. Our step-by-step blueprint, over-the-shoulder video training, and free marketing tools make it easy for you to get started, even if you have zero experience.

With our program, you’ll learn the secrets to generating over $1k in 60 days, building an evergreen 7-figure business, and maximizing your online potential. Our program is created by experienced online entrepreneurs who have already made it big in the online business world, and we’re committed to helping you succeed too.

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About The Facilitator_

Queen Lama

A talented freelance multimedia journalist with a passion for photography and media productions. She’s also the inspiring founder of Malach Wellness, a brand committed to nurturing better lives through naturopathy. With a strong interest in agriculture and affiliate marketing, Lama enjoys exploring a diverse range of fields, but her heart lies in communication and information technology. When she’s not working, Lama spends time in Voice acting, with hopes of lending her voice to cartoons and animations.

Schwiz Josh

Josh is a tech entrepreneur and Managing Director of Schwiz Web Solutions Ltd. Their company creates Digital and Online Marketing solutions for individuals and corporate bodies.. What’s more? Josh is not just a man who indulges his work, but he’s also an ardent Science and Technology enthusiast, and a creative at heart. He loves voice acting, karaoke, and lives anything with creativity.

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